Seiki Juku Under 21 Tournament

Well done to all those that took part in the Seiki Juku Under 21’s tournament 16 June 2013. Everyone that took part put up a tremendous performance.


Alex Carmichael – Gold
Joe Carmichael – Gold
Cody Bushell – Silver
Alex Carmichael – Bronze
Steven Waterhouse – Participation

Alex put in a tremendous effort and showed his true spirit as he was put up a group and had to fight the brown and black belts, some of whom were much older and bigger so his bronze was well earned. Joe competed brilliantly, through out the tournament and fought his way to gold without conceding a single point. Cody put in a great effort and was rewarded with the silver medal, this was a good warm up ready for the Dan grade line ups. Steven won his first fight in a competition and showed true spirit.