Aikido is essentially a non-violent Japanese martial art, that is wholly defensive as it contains no offensive moves. Aikido encourages the harmony of Mind, Body & Spirit and the avoidance of confrontation. Force is never opposed by force, instead we use the force or momentum of the opponent to subdue or defeat them.. Through regular practice students grow their self-awareness, self-confidence and fitness.

The techniques used in Aikido includes projections(throws) and Joint locks, this used in conjunction with movement is a very powerful means of self defence.

The principles of Aikido are based on exploiting the weaknesses of an opponent. Joints, posture, and the mind can all be vulnerable areas when attacked or challenged. In essence Aikido is turning an opponents' power against themselves by using the exact degree of control required to neutralise their energy without inflicting undue harm.

In addition to open hand practice, we also practice using weapons, Jo (short staff), bokken (sword), tanto (knife), and tambo (short stick). The club insists that all students use and practice with weapons both sensibly and with respect.

Whether you are attending one of our classes as a complete beginner or an existing Aikido-ka you will find a warm and friendly welcome. We pride ourselves on looking after anyone who is interested in practising Aikido. It is the rule of the club that only Dan Grades (black belts) wear Hakama.

Please arrive at the Dojo (Club) a few minutes before the session is due to start, this gives us time to introduce ourselves, and time for you to complete a brief heath form with basic contact details.

For the first few weeks, we recommend that you wear loose long sleeved clothing (no zips or buttons), that can be pulled around. Once you are happy that you have made the right choice, please see your club instructor to order your first club Gi, or you can fill in the order form on the website.

Aikido is a close contact activity and as such we require a high level of personal hygiene, and fingernails should be kept clean and short. No jewellery (inc body piercing's) should be worn for practice and long hair should be tied back with a soft non metallic band.