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Welcome to Tanigawa Martial Arts

Welcome to the new website for Tanigawa Martial Arts, this new website is still undergoing construction and is a work in progress.

Tanigawa Martial Arts, is the group of Judo, Karate and Aikido clubs owned and operated by Sensei's Adrian and Mandie Price running in Daventry, Fenny Compton, Wodson Park and Brackley. Tanigawa Martial Arts was founded in 1995, by Sensei Adrian Price, with the assistance of Sensei Mandie Price, the club gets its name from two different sources, "Tanigawa" translates as valley stream. Our name is taken from the Thames Valley where we started out, and as a link to O'Tani Sensei, who was Abbe Sensei's most senior assistant.

Tanigawa Club Group Photo

The club moved from the Thames Valley, when Sensei's Adrian and Mandie moved to Daventry in 2002. Our original clubs are still going strong under the direction of new teachers. Tanigawa Martial Arts has grown not only in knowledge but in strength since we first opened our doors in Daventry. The clubs started out as a Judo club, and over the years we have expanded and have been able to introduce Karate, and more recently Aikido to our programme.

Sensei's Adrian and Mandie have a broad range of experience in coaching martial Arts to both Children and Adults. All of our club instructors are fully qualified coaches, and were the first coaches in the International Budo Council to attain their NVQ's and BTEC's in Martial Arts coaching. In addition Sensei Mandie is also an assessor and Internal Verifier for the coaching awards.

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